Love, Compassion & Bodhicitta
with Khenchen Konchog Gyaltshen
Gainesville, Florida - April, 2007
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The Venerable Khenchen Konchog Gyaltshen Rinpoche is respected and beloved as an accomplished scholar, meditation master, teacher, translator, and author. Students worldwide are inspired by his wisdom, compassion, strength of mind, warmth, and humor. Rinpoche is known for his great wealth of knowledge and skills in communicating the deepest insights in simple English without losing the original meaning. His teachings are done in a style that will truly change your life if you take them to heart. Anyone so fortunate as to meet such a lama is truly blessed.

Schedule and Locations:

Friday April 27 (6 PM) Public Talk - Unity of Gainesville - 8801 NW 38th Ave

Saturday April 28 (9AM -12 Noon and 2PM - 5 PM) teaching/practice - Unity of Gainesville - 8801 NW 38th Ave

Sunday April 29 (9AM -10:30) refuge, private interviews- Tibetan Meditation Center - 2000 NW 63rd Terr. (map)
(11 AM – 12 noon) (free) Unity of Gainesville - Sunday Celebration services - 8801 NW 38th Ave
                                         Reverand Marciah McCartney invites Khenchen Konchog Gyaltshen to address the Unity of Gainesville.
(12 PM-2PM)- Lunch and group gathering - Unity of Gainesville - 8801 NW 38th Ave
(2PM-5PM) teaching/practice - Unity of Gainesville - 8801 NW 38th Ave

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Tibetan Meditation Center of Gainesville
PO Box 13542
Gainesville, FL 32604

Public Talk                                                                  Donation
April 27,2007 6PM
2 Days of Teachings
April 28-29, 2007 9AM-12PM 2PM-5PM

ONE EVENING ONLY         $10
Public Talk                                                                 Donation
Friday April 27, 2007 6PM

Saturday only Teaching

Saturday April 28, 2007 9AM-12PM & 2PM-5PM
Sunday only Teaching
Sunday April 29, 2007 9AM-10:30 AM & 2PM-5PM
Sunday service (free) 11:00 AM with Khenchen as guest of
        Rev. Marciah McCartney and the Unity of Gainesville Church


PRESS RELEASE - please distribute

Information/Press Release

Gainesville , Florida , April 27-29, 2007

Eminent Tibetan Buddhist Scholar
Khenchen Konchog Gyaltshen
– at Unity of Gainesville church.

Teaching on Loving Kindness, Compassion and Bodhicitta (the enlightened mind).

April 27-29, 2007 , the Tibetan Meditation Center of Gainesville hosts the eminent Tibetan Buddhist scholar, teacher, translator and author, Khenchen (high abbot) Konchog Gyaltshen at Unity of Gainesville, 8801 NW 39 th Ave.

Friday April 27 (6 PM) Public Talk – Unity of Gainesville

Saturday April 28 (9AM -12 and 2PM - 5 PM) Teaching/Practice Unity of G’ville

Sunday April 29 (9AM -10:30) teaching/practice at TMC Center
(11 AM – 12) Unity Sunday Celebration services with Rev. Marciah McCartney and Khenchen
(2PM-5PM) Teaching/Practice – Unity of Gainesville

Suggested offering $10 Friday, $75 each Sat/Sun or $125 all days. Sunday Celebration offering at church.
Volunteer opportunities available – no one turned away without donation – offerings support ongoing teachings or call 352-316-3457 for more information & registration.

Khenchen is a globally renowned Dharma and meditation master and teacher. “Khenchen” is a Tibetan title meaning Great or High Abbot. He has served His Holiness the Dalai Lama by assisting at his teaching events in Dharamsala, India and provides rare and treasured direct access to authentic ancient Buddhist lineage teachings for western students. With his excellent ability to speak English and transmit his vast knowledge of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and practice, he travels and lectures extensively worldwide and has translated ancient Buddhist treatises from past millenniums as well as published many contemporary books, CDs and tapes for the western world.


Khenchen will be discussing the subject of Loving Kindness, Compassion and Bodhicitta. By learning specific practices, a greater capacity for compassion can be developed that allows one to find an abundance of joy in life through helping others. “Bodhicitta” is a term that translates as the Enlightened Mind that serves for the benefit of others. His teaching will discuss the practical application of mind training practices that have been used for many centuries to clarify mental obscurations and cultivate the correct view of reality. These practices allow one to eliminate emotional and mental afflictions and develop a greater sense of peace and happiness. By achieving a realization of the true nature of all worldly phenomena, a sense of a ‘lack of self’ can arise that frees one from much of today’s modern western stress and anxiety and allows one to feel a higher level of happiness in their everyday life. These practices are presented with purpose, to encourage us to pursue mind training through meditation, for ourselves, for others and for the benefit of the entire world.


Khenchen’s books and other works can be found at Private interviews are available upon request. This is a rare and extremely valuable opportunity to have such a master of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and practice in the Gainesville area. Khenchen will be teaching in California, Arizona, Ohio, Maryland and Florida in the U.S. this year.

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